Wave.video boasts 200 million stock video clips and images, but there are also a number of features that our users and staff have come to love. These can help minimize the time it takes to sift through millions of assets such as videos, images, and music. 

These features are:

  • Categories/Folders.
  • Filtered searches (free, premium, shutterstock, recent, popular, relevant.).
  • Sectioning purchased videos/images.
  • Favorites.

Categorized Content

When you are prompted to choose your content, be it videos or images, you are directed to a landing page that has a number of “folders” or, categories, containing videos or images that relate to that title. This is pictured below.

When you click on one, you can see a number of videos listed that will fit the preset category.

Furthermore, you can also see a list of colored background presets, if aesthetics and coloring is a particular issue. 

You can use your own search terms, as if you were looking for content in google, in order to create your own “categorized search.” 

For example, if you were looking for dog videos, or even more specifically, veterinarian videos to promote a vet clinic, you could do just that. 

Filtered Searches

Wave.video has six filtered searches. I split this portion in two categories:

  • Purchased vs free filters (premium, shutterstock, free).
  • Types of videos (relevant, new, popular). 

Purchased Videos and Free Videos

We have thousands of free assets for you to use. It’s easy to filter your videos and images to suit this need. All you need to do is navigate to the “Filter & Sort” button and click it. From the drop down menu, select “Free Videos.” 

We also have two types of purchased videos and images to choose from. 

  • Premium content
  • Shutterstock content

The difference in both is the quality of the videos and the source we receive them from. To filter for either videos, you can choose “Premium” or “Shutterstock” from the same drop down menu you used for filtering free videos. If you chose all Shutterstock content, you should have a search result page full of red tag labels, pictured below:

Once you purchase videos and images, they are yours for life. You can use them in future advertisements free of charge as many times as you like, since you’ve purchased the content. 

You can also double check what you have purchased in the folders on the top left. Simply navigate to the “Purchased” tab and you will see what you have within!

Types of Videos

There are three other filters you can use to narrow your search. They are popular, relevant, and new. 

You can use these filters by navigating to the “Filter & Sort” button we used for the free videos, and choose from either or. They will recalibrate the search items to each term. 


Popular videos are listed by frequent use. The more a video has been used, the more “popular” it is. This will show you the content most used by our users. 


This filtering term will use the words you have typed in the search bar. Essentially, it will scan all of our videos and images (depending what you have highlighted) and find assets that relate as closely as possible to them. 


The new filter is pretty self-explanatory. This lists the “newest” released videos from top to bottom. Newer videos appear on the top, and older videos below them.

Favorites Feature

The favorites feature works in such a way where you are able to save key videos, images, and sound tracks to a seperate folder for “safekeeping” or later use. 

In order to do this, simply navigate to a video you like, and hover your mouse over it. You will see a “preview” and star button. Click on the hollow star, and it should fill out to be gold. This is how you know it’s been successfully saved to your favorites. It should look like this:

At a later time if you lose your place, you can always check your videos in the folders layered above on the left hand side. Click on the “Favorites” tab, and you should see all the assets you’ve favorited inside. 

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