Branding is a way to streamline the process of creating branded videos, and with efficiency too. It grants you the ability to populate several “brands” in your account. This is especially helpful if you run an agency.  

For each brand your agency, or you, manages, you are given the opportunity to upload and import your own logos. In addition to that, you can set corporate colors to be utilized for text on images or videos, as well as a highlighting feature to prompt urgency in a word or sentence. Users can also choose to upload their custom fonts if they have created any. 

Let’s get started with branding. 

Creating brands in

First, you’ll have to open any project you have. Next, you’ll want to click the “Branding” button on the far right of your screen, and then hit “Manage Brands.”

What will appear is a blank white space, and this is where you click the circular button that says “Add New Brand.”

From there, you can rename your brand and you’ll be able to see the options for fonts, text colors, and logos.

Customizing Fonts

When you’re ready to customize your fonts, just click on your desired image or the title. You’ll be prompted with a button that looks like a capital “F”. You will be forwarded to a mock-up page, where text appears over your video or image with preset customization. 

From there, you can choose from any of the 300+ Google fonts has available, or you can upload your own if you’d like. 

To do that, simply save your font to any folder on your computer and then click the “Upload or drop fonts here” button. Find your font file, upload it, and you’re good to go. 

Color Schemes

In order to edit this feature, move your mouse to “Text Colors” and click. You should then be navigated to a landing page that contains the presets and example/preview window with “Your Cool Message.” 

As you can see, there is a default color scheme set by, but you can change that to suit your brand’s needs if need be. There are 11 presets and you can choose to delete or modify any of them. 

To continue, direct your mouse to any of the color schemes, or click the plus button to create a brand new one. 

What you see should look like this:

On the left, you have your preview. Down the middle panel you have text, background, highlight, decoration, and shadow color edits. On the right-hand side, you’ll find your brand swatches. 

To change your color, you can do one of two things. 

  1. Click on the circular dot and choose from either the basic colors, or click the custom option, where you can easily slide the indicator to the right or left and use your mouse to choose a color in the rectangular space.
  2. You can choose your color using a “hex triplet.” A “hex triplet” is a six-digit hexadecimal number used in HTML, CSS, SVG, and other applications to represent colors. uses HTML color names, so feel free to look those up on the web and enter them. 

Adding The Finishing Touch: Logos

At last, it’s time to add your logo. Click on the “Logos” button, and you will be navigated to a blank landing page with an “upload” button in the very middle.

You can then drag and drop your file, or choose to upload it directly from a folder. 

When you’ve completed uploading your branding and logos, you should see something like what is pictured below. Custom fonts, custom color schemes, and any and all logos you’ve decided to upload as a preview. 

Managing Your Brands

If you have a brand you’ve already created, you can access it by clicking “Manage Brands,” and a list of your brands should be available at the top of the “Fonts, Colors, & Logos” bar. 

To wrap up, branding benefits you and your company. You save time by having preset logos and watermarks instantly available, your color scheme needs no tinkering, and finally: your custom font will shine with our uploading options.

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