Animatron has two different modes to work in:

Animation Mode: Is the default mode of the Animatron Editor. In this mode, any changes to objects’ Position, Rotation, Scale, Orientation, Opacity, color, etc. will automatically create Keyframes along the Timeline, on the current time marker of your Playhead.

 Note: The Main Menu and Toolbar icons are highlighted yellow in this mode.

Design Mode: In this mode, all Objects in your Scene are considered Static, meaning, any changes you make to them, won’t be Keyframed or animated. Any changes made to an Object, while in this mode, affect all current Keyframes, equally along its Tween, on the Timeline.

 Note: The Main Menu and Toolbar icons are highlighted blue in this mode.

To toggle between the two modes, click on the switch at the top of the Editor, or press the Tab key, on your keyboard.

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