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“Getting Started” - Part 9

So I see you’ve decided to join us in discovering the last bit of the Project Header. Let’s wrap this up by taking a closer look at our all-too-important Publish Settings.

Publish Settings

The Publish Settings, found to the far-right side of the Project Header, allow you to change the current project’s export options.

Access your Publish Settings by clicking on the Publish Settings Icon, shown above. You can quickly publish your current project by clicking on the Publish Button, which conveniently shows your current export type in the shaded box.

The Publish Settings drop-down, shown above, allows you to change your Output Format, accompanied by Auto-Start and Loop checkboxes. Checking these on will make the published file start automatically and/or loop upon opening.

Simply, click the Output Menu, shown as (HTML5) in the previous image, to change your Output Format. The HTML5 option publishes as an HTML5 code file.

Selecting the GIF option gives you the ability to export at a desired FPS (Frames Per Second). Click on and type in the number of FPS you want to export at.

Selecting the Video option allows you to change the resolution scaling of the published video. (Video publishing is only available to Starter Subscribers)

Clicking on the Resolution Menu offers you the selection of either SD(Standard Definition) in a 4:3(Square) or 16:9(Wide) screen ratio, or HD(High Definition) in a 720p or 1080p format. (HD Video publishing is only available to Pro Subscribers)

That essentially wraps up the Project Header. Moving ahead, we can take a glimpse into your personal Account Library and User Profile in part 10!

To be continued...

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