• How do I embed my animation?

    [ A version of this page with a highlighted source code( ] There are two ways to embed an animation made in Animatron into a webpage. Both are very easy and enable you to configure more options than the Publish (a.k.a. Share) dialog ...
  • How do I make my animation responsive?

    To make an Animatron clip auto-size according to screen/container width, there are two options: First is to use an , and to not supply the (w)idth & (h)eight parameters in the clip URL, like this:  This way, the player will automatically occupy the whole size of the frame - so we can saf...
  • How do I present my animations one-by-one using player?

    If you'd like to attract users by creating a playlist of different animations, the Animatron Player is capable of doing this, easily. First, you need to create these animations in the Animatron Editor( and publish them as HTML5(