Project Header / Project Parameters

“Getting Started” - Part 7

Previously, in parts 1 - 6, we thoroughly explored the Main Menu. Now, let’s move on to the Project Header.

Project Header

The Project Header, located along the top edge of the Animatron Editor, Provides you with quick access to editing essential parameters of your project.

  • You can change your Project Name by entering it in the field to the left side of the header.

  • Adjustments to your Canvas Size can be manually entered by clicking on the underlined numbers, found next to the (W)idth and (H)eight indicators. Hovering your mouse and holding left-click over each underlined number allows you to slide the values greater or smaller. Slide your cursor left for a lesser value and right for a greater value.

  • The Background Color thumbnail, shown as [BG], is helpful for quickly changing the canvas color (make sure the Object Tab in the Inspector Panel is selected to view the color picker).

  • Checking on the Loop Checkbox will loop your animation during Published playback, only having to click the Play button once, looping the animation automatically. (This will not loop your animation in the Editor Timeline)

  • You can also change your project’s sharing, publishing and subscription settings with the selectable options on the right side of the header.

So, now that we’ve learned about the Project Header and it’s role in controlling the main Project parameters, we can look into some of the various Subscription, Sharing and Privacy Options, also found within the Project Header! Join me in Part 8 to examine the Animatron Workspace further!

To be continued...